Lange 1 time zone schedules white gold and light emitting display

The Saxon watch manufacturer Lange and Sons has unveiled this year, a very nice variation of his model ‘lighthouse’: a Lange 1 in very contemporary size white gold (41.9 mm) which houses a ‘House’ Manual template that displays the time of the home with day/night indicator, a second time zone with day/night and cities ring indicator, a great date for the time of home and a power reserve indicator.

Since 2005, Lange 1 time zones is the ideal accompanist Globetrotters chic and elegant and all those who fly often (at the front of the camera…). The model in white gold with needles and Luminescent lamps can now perfectly locate in 24 time zones of the world, even when it is night.

Indeed, the Lange 1 time zone schedules facilitates the movement of the traveler who wants to know the time when it passes from Fake Watches one time zone to another. Its dial to kissing in a glance, time of the place of residence and that of a second time zone. The change of time zone being very easily by means of a push button.

This watch also has a rotating ring bearing the names of 24 cities each representing the timezone corresponding. Using a pusher, is rotated 15 degrees East ring, which advances an hour the small auxiliary dial hour hand.

Thanks to its synchronization mechanism, the time for the zone indicated on the auxiliary dial can very easily be postponed on the main dial. On the small dial, the needle position is then the same as they were previously on the large dial.

With this new Lange 1 time zones, it is possible to perform these corrections without problem, even in the dark, thanks to the needles and the applied luminescent rhodium-plated gold on both the main and auxiliary dials, as well as the power reserve indicator. The new watch glow of A. Lange and Sons thus indicates always the time he is at home and abroad, day and night all around the globe.

This new addition to the family of the Lange 1 is driven by the manufacture L031.1 Lange calibre. It offers the typical features of the mark, as Platinum three-quarters in untreated nickel, the kittens in screwed gold, the double-barrel for a power reserve of more than three days, the trim sophisticated gooseneck, roosters pendulum and intermediate wheel engraved by hand and the big date that here is related to the display of the time on the main dial.

A dip in the 1930s. A daily lives turned upside down by the advent of the technique. The birth of the BBC and the Replica breitling watches beginning of the first television programs. The use of the media as entertainment between little by little in manners. Dirigible Graf Zeppelin makes the first transatlantic crossings between Britain and North America with passengers.

The year 1930 also saw the creation of the motor reaction by British Frank Whittle and the tea bag! People obviously needed novelty to quench their thirst for knowledge and satisfy their curiosity of beautiful mechanics.

The thirties were conducive to the creation of new technologies. But the most remarkable was certainly the lever used in aviation and early motor racing. Graham London made its new Chronofighter 1695 an instrument that looks ‘timeless ‘. An automatic chronograph 42 mm animated by an automatic Swiss movement.

Minute the counter is located at 6 hours and the date at 3 o’clock. a typical arrangement dear to the brand. Graham chose to dress up this new piece of stainless steel box. The bottom steel is decorated with a subtle engraving of the Royal Greenwich Observatory that pays tribute to the exploits of George Graham, prominent watchmaker of this great British institution. The bottom also offers a Sapphire opening on the pendulum and exhaust.


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